Cityscape Night Edition


Explore the enchanting world of cityscape night photography with us! Experience the magic as city lights dance against the night sky and learn the art of capturing stunning urban scenes after sunset.

What is Cityscape Night Photography?

Cityscape night photography is the art of capturing the essence and vibrancy of urban environments after dusk. It entails mastering the interplay of light and shadow, harnessing the twinkling lights of buildings and streets, and conveying the bustling energy of city life against the backdrop of the night sky. From iconic skylines to hidden alleys bathed in lamplight, this genre of photography invites participants to explore the myriad facets of cityscapes after sunset.

Course Information:

What will you learn:

In this workshop, you’ll dive into the secrets of cityscape night photography, gaining the skills to capture breathtaking nighttime views. Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Explore the fundamentals of night photography, including exposure settings, ISO sensitivity, and aperture control tailored for low-light conditions.
    • Discover how to use long exposures to turn city clouds into dynamic, dreamy landscapes. Capture moving water and blurred motion with style.
    • Experiment with filters such as neutral density (ND) and graduated neutral density (GND) to enhance contrast, control exposure, and capture the full range of luminance in cityscapes.
    • Demonstration of post-processing techniques to refine and enhance your night cityscapes, from adjusting exposure and contrast to fine-tuning colors and sharpening details with precision.


Who is eligible for this workshop:

This workshop is open to mirrorless and DSLR photographers of all skill levels.

Skill level: Ability to function independently with your personal equipment.

There will be 3.5 hours of Theory session and 2.5 hours of practical shooting session.


  • $35  – SC/PR aged 50 years & above (after NSA subsidy)
  • $140 – PSS Member below 50 years old
  • $175  – Non PSS Member below 50 years old
  • This is a SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course.

Course Instructor

BA (Hons) Photography
Fujifilm X-Photographer, Singapore

If you’re a Singapore Citizen/PR aged 50 years and above,
you are eligible for the NSA subsidy that covers 80% of fees.
Please fill up the registration form and we will apply for the subsidy on your behalf. All fields must be filled, incomplete forms will not qualify for the subsidy.

If you’re a Singapore Citizen and have SkillsFuture Credit, you may utilise it for the balance 20% fee payment.
Do not make any payment if you would like to use your SkillsFuture Credit claim for the balance 20% fee payment.

SC/PR, 50 years old & above (after NSA subsidy), who are not using SkillsFuture Credit

Price : $35

Pss Member

Price : $140

For Non-Pss

Price : $175

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