Membership Benefits & Pricing

What are the Benefits of Being a PSS Member?

by being our pss member, you will be entitled to:
  1. Attend courses and activities at members’ special rates
  2. Be invited to Photography Talks, Seminars or Exhibition Launches
  3. Participate in Overseas Photography Outings
  4. Opportunities to meet Local and Overseas Photographers
  5. Opportunities to participate in Group Exhibitions
  6. Participate in photography competition and salon competitions
  7. Apply for distinction titles by submitting photos for professional assessment
    Titles Include:
    Society’s Distinction Titles (Licentiate, Associate, and Fellowship)
    Exhibitor Distinction Titles (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
  8. We will also add you into our mailing list so you are able to receive the latest news, course schedules for the month, photography outings and other events!
  9. You are entitles to the following discounts:

Memberships Type

Ordinary Member (1 Year)
SGD 100
Ordinary Member (2 Years)
SGD 40
Junior Member (1 Year)
SGD 84
Junior Member (2 Years)
SGD 24
Lifetime Membership
SGD 200
Conversion to Life Membership
SGD 160