Children of the World





PSS, an Operational Member of FIAP, has agreed to organise an international competition and exhibition to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of both FIAP and PSS. The competition will be open to all national federations around the world which are Operational Members of FIAP and based on the theme “Children of the World”.


With the theme “Children of the World”, images for the competition will focus on children in their daily activities.


(1) Content of Images

In order to encourage the submission of images of children from different parts of the world, and also to complement UNESCO’s efforts in better understanding the situation of underprivileged children around the world:

a. Each national federation will enter 20 images (maximum 2 per author) with:
- minimum two (2) images must be taken in the country of the national federation; and
- minimum two (2) images must illustrate the situation of underprivileged children in any country.

b. For each image the entry form must provide the name and country of the author, as well as the place and date of photographing.

(2) Entry Fee

The entry fee is 25 Euros (or US $ 35) per national federation, to be paid by bank transfer to the account of The Photographic Society of Singapore with Standard Chartered Bank (Account No: 13-1-004713-5). Bank notes sent together with CD-ROM and entry form are acceptable. Those paying by PayPal, the email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Personal or bank cheque will not be accepted.

(3) Other Conditions

a. Images can be in colour or black-and-white. They must be in 8-BIT digital JPEG format. Each image dimension must be minimum 2000 pixels on the longer side of the image with minimal JPEG 10 compression.

b. The 20 images from each national federation must be submitted in a single CD-ROM which is non-returnable. The filename of each image must be consistent with what is written on the entry form. The file name coding must not have more than 25 characters, starting with the ISO country code in 2 characters followed by an underscore (_), the author’s name, another underscore (_) and entry number (e.g. SG_Author_01).

The CD-ROM must be sent together with the entry form and entry fee to:

Mr Goh Kim Hui, HonEFIAP, AFIAP
Vice President & FIAP Liaison Officer
The Photographic Society of Singapore
Selegie Arts Centre, 30 Selegie Road
Singapore 188351

c. Digital manipulations should be minimal and should not distort the reality of the image.

d. Care will be taken to protect the entries, however, PSS and FIAP will not be responsible for any entries that are lost or damaged.

e. PSS and FIAP reserve the right to reproduce any of the images for publication, in a book, CD-ROM, on a website and/or display in media related to the event without any payment of fees to the author.

f. Each author must own the sole copyright of the images submitted. PSS and FIAP will not be liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the author, and they reserve the right to reject any entries if the origin of the sources is in dispute.


The competition will be organised with FIAP’s Patronage, and acceptances can be taken into account for application of FIAP Distinctions by individual authors.


For National Federations

- FIAP 60th Anniversary Award for the best national federation.
- FIAP Gold Medal for the national federation which comes 2nd.
- FIAP Silver Medal for the national federation which comes 3rd.
- FIAP Bronze Medal for the national federation which comes 4th.
- 6 FIAP Honourable Mentions for the national federations which come 5th to 10th.

For Individual Authors

- PSS 60th Anniversary Award for the best individual work.
- FIAP Gold Medal for the individual work which comes 2nd.
- 2 FIAP Silver Medals for individual works which come 3rd – 4th.
- 3 FIAP Bronze Medals for individual works which come 5th - 7th.
- 3 FIAP Honourable Mentions for individual works which come 8th - 10th.


- Margaret Salisbury, MFIAP, FRPS, FIPF, APAGB (England)
- Harry Woo Hong San, EFIAP, ESFIAP, ARPS, PSA Galaxy, FPSS, FPSM (Malaysia)
- David P C Tay, Hon. EFIAP, EFIAP, Hon. FPSS, FRPS, Hon. FPSM (Singapore)




Regulation & Entry form can be downloaded here.

pdf_icon Regulation (English) pdf_icon Regulation (French)

pdf_icon Entry Form (English) pdf_icon Entry Form (French)

excel Entry Form (English) excel Entry Form (French)