Singapore Garden Photographer of The Year - Photo Competition


                    Singapore Garden Photographer of The Year - Photo Competition

                                                           - Submission Ends on 7 Jan 2015 - 

The Wonders of Inner Mongolia

Way up north in Mainland China lies a land flowing with culture, fascinating history and spectacular sceneries that will leave you awestruck.

At an average height of over 1,000 meters above sea level, Inner Mongolia is home to the vast grasslands where horses roam and ethnic Mongols whose customs add a pure and natural charm to the region. Blessed with four seasons, Inner Mongolia is endowed with an abundance of picturesque landscapes that has never failed to mesmerize the visitors that set foot on this land.

From the colours of autumn where the countryside is painted in a sea of yellow and red to the frigid winter months where the grasslands are blanketed with snow, we bring to you the wonders of Inner Mongolia.

The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) and Unusual Expedition Pte Ltd are proud to present this exhibition featuring the exciting moments captured by members during the trips to Inner Mongolia.

“Works of Nature Photographic Society (Singapore): Members Exhibition


The exhibition closing session will be held on 22nd Nov 2014(Sat) at 2pm.

Venue: 30 Selegie Road, Loke Wan Tho Gallery

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